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Eat More, Weigh Less

Surprised? Don’t be. It makes perfect sense. Take horses for example; they ‘graze’ all day long and they are nothing but lean muscle! On the other hand, you have the bear family; they have a few huge meals and then go to sleep for the winter. It’s no wonder why they have love handles.



Hot Cocoa Bombs

Want a fun activity and a delicious treat all in one? We have the perfect solution! Try out these amazing hot cocoa bombs! These Instagram-able treats will be sure to be a hit at any party. They are fully customizable, so you can make whatever combination your heart desires!

Are You Cardio Crazy?

s this you? You take working out seriously. You are in the gym at least 3 days a week, and when you do Cardio, you do it with a vengeance until you are swimming in sweat.

You leave the gym and grab a bottle of water before heading for work or home. You believe that giving your body anything but water right now would defeat all your hard work and that any calorie that you put in your body right now would land right back on your hips.

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