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It's Not Just Physical:

Post-Workout Recovery & You

Managing a work/personal life balance is difficult, but what happens when you throw something else into the mix? We routinely make sacrifices to allow ourselves time for various things in our lives. We try our best to prioritize and make room in our days for the things we absolutely need to do, but sometimes, some of those things fall by the wayside. Many of us lead very busy lives and already find it difficult to even just set aside a little time for ourselves, but what happens when we try to squeeze in an hour (or a few) to work on our health and wellness?

Obtainable Resolutions

Change…a word and concept that flat-out scares many people. It’s an idea that makes others uncomfortable and squirmy. Yet every year, January 1st rolls around and those same people firmly declare their intention to make a change in the coming year. A New Year’s Resolution is born (or several). The most popular of all resolutions center around food choices, physical fitness and overall health. It seems that we all want to improve our health, how we feel and how
we look.



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