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Win Your 5K

Believe it or not, there is a difference in the nutritional requirements for competing in a 5K vs. a 10K, not to mention a marathon. Each event utilizes a unique combination of energy sources. Since there are three different energy systems within the body (Immediate, Glycolytic and Oxidative) and each serves a unique purpose, each of these events will require different nutritional adaptations.


Get the Most Out of Your Workout

There are some days where dragging yourself out of bed or off the couch to get ready for a tough workout is harder than the actual workout, but when you persevere and get through it, it’s always worth the effort. However, working hard and training on a regular basis is only half the battle! How can we maximize the results of each and every workout?

 Vitamins & Minerals

In addition to the essential vitamins and minerals, a host of micronutrients exist that are manufactured in the body but that can also be provided through foods or supplements for additional benefits. These substances, called metabolites, are also sometime known as accessory nutrients. For athletes, many of these accessory nutrients can improve performance.

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