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Protein 101:

Back to Basics

Protein, one of the macronutrients our body needs to function, is often a hot topic when someone comes into a nutrition consultation with a Registered Dietitian for the first time. People often ask what it is for, how much they need, when they need it, and how to get it. Questions often include “Should I be using protein powder?” or “Is it possible to get enough protein just from food?” and also, “What’s the best kind?”



Mental & Physical Health:

The Healthy Codependent Approach

I’m on my last set of burpees, and I find my usual routine isn’t working. My performance output is low my endurance is lagging, and I find myself distracted and deep in my thoughts. I sit back and question myself, “What’s going on? This is the easiest day in your regimen, why are you exhausted so fast?” As I reflect on the weeks prior...

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