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Children's Sugar Consumption

Saying “no” to a child’s pleas for candy and sugary sweets is an all-too-common challenge among parents. Oftentimes, when parents attempt to avoid buying candy and sweets, they neglect to realize how much sugar is actually hidden in their so-called “healthy” items! You might be asking yourself, “Then…where do I start?”

Immune Boosting Whole Foods

Let’s face it: No one like to be sick. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but there are some things that can be done to boost your immune system. With cold & flu season quickly approaching, here are some foods to consider eating that could help keep you feeling healthy.

Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is full of treats, making it a tricky time to keep healthy. When we think of Halloween, we think candy (and overall, lots of sugar). It's always a tough decision whether to rip open a 'fun sized' candy bar. Then, you tell yourself you'll only have one. And then one more. And maybe one more won't hurt. With the temptation surrounding all of us, it helps to have healthy alternatives on hand. It helps even more when those substitutions satisfy that sweet tooth and maintain the festive Halloween spirit!

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