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Age is Just a Number

​For the longest time I swore I woke up feeling a different age every morning. Some days I woke up feeling bright, young and ready to meet the day. Other days, I wokeup feeling a hundred years old wondering exactly why my back hurts and asking myself “do I absolutely have to get out of bed today?” After reflecting on why my days varied so much in feeling, I realized that how old or young I was feeling was not only a mental state, but how I was treating my body.



Flavors-of-Fall Trail Mix

This recipe was made to satisfy the cravings of a sweet tooth, while also tossing in hints of salty goodness that’ll leave you begging. for. more. This combination of ingredients creates a delicious, mouth watering, fall flavor mixture - perfect for you and your family

Taming the Food Rebel

Have you ever come face to face with a real, live, Food Rebel? Maybe you have and didn’t realize it (they do seem like normal people to the untrained eye). Or, maybe, you are actually a Food Rebel yourself. In our contradicting societal norms, it is more common than you would think. If you are just curious or wondering if you or one of your kids are showing signs, keep reading.

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