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Sunshine, Sweat
& Serotonin

With longer, warmer days, embrace aerobic exercise like swimming, jogging, and biking. These activities boost heart and lung function, circulation, and reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation. Examples like power walking, kayaking, and hiking offer full-body workouts, stress relief, improved mood, and better cardiovascular health. Aerobic exercises are especially enjoyable in nature, increasing happiness and reducing anxiety.

Healthy Summer Activities
for the Family

It's summertime! The trees are green, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. Plan outdoor activities and make a checklist to keep everyone engaged. Ideas include nature walks, watching the sunrise and sunset, hopscotch, frisbee, pickleball, backyard sleepovers, lemonade stands, tandem bike rides, rock skipping, beach trips, beach volleyball, and backyard yoga.

Integrating Summer Produce into your Diet

Summer is a season that gives us warmth, sunshine and incredible produce to nourish the body and the mind. The sunny, warm weather and the fruit and vegetables that come along with it are vibrant, diverse and rich in nutritional content. The season is at its peak for fresh foods and flavorful options to add to your diet. Click to read and find out!

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