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Hello Sweetie

You’ve heard it all before: sugar is bad for you. Sugar makes you fat. You should avoid sugar at all costs. But, it’s hard to deny that sweet treats just taste good! It’s perfectly normal to have a sweet tooth (our tongues have plenty of sweet receptors for a reason). A simple alternative to all of the processed sugar options available is fruit. The sugar in fruit allows us to satisfy our cravings without the calories of a hefty, icing-clad dessert. But, a lot of people avoid fruit, fearing the sugar and carbohydrate content of nature’s candy. And that’s exactly the point — we’re talking about nature’s candy, not mass manufactured candy. Naturally held sugars, like the ones you find in whole fruits, support human health, while refined and processed sugars do not.


The Power of Nutrition

Millions of articles are written every day bombarding you with ways eating a healthy diet can help you lose weight, clear your skin, help you sleep better and fight off the common cold. Well what if, instead of focusing on how nutrition affects you as an individual, we focus on some ways nutrition affects the world that may have never crossed your mind? The effects of nutrition when viewed at a macro level can have everyday impact on your life, positive and negative. These effects may alter both the health and socioeconomic status of the world or just your family. As more and more research is performed, we are now able to see just how powerful nutrition really is. Here are three topics that give you an in depth look into the power of nutrition.


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